Sensing the timing was right to build a world class mortgage company, founders, Bill Starkey, Ken Hickman and Brian Starkey established Highlands Residential Mortgage in March 2010.  Prior to Highlands Residential Mortgage, Bill Starkey and Ken Hickman worked together building AccuBanc Mortgage Corporation which became a top 20 lender in the mortgage industry.  Drawing on their collective wisdom, the founders began completing the executive team recruiting individuals with strong character and the ability to recruit and build retail production.  The strategy was to build a team possessing many strengths with one mission.


As it was with the Founders, timing was a critical element in bringing together the Senior Leadership Team at Highlands Residential Mortgage.  The executives that make up this team are, Brian Bennett, Danny Deaton and Steve Peters. They contribute combined wisdom, skills, and experience of over 75 years in operations, management, company growth and customer service.  It is easy to see the incredible value they are responsible for bringing to residential mortgage customers nationwide.  This knowledgeable group forms the core top tier of management, production and operations that every mortgage company seeks.  Partnered with the Founders and the rest of the Executive Management Team, these outstanding Executives bring a legacy of skills, experience and accomplishments along with unparalleled leadership to the mortgage industry, resulting in Highlands Residential Mortgage’s unprecedented growth.


Together, the Highlands Residential Mortgage executive team embarked upon an expansion program to grow the company’s presence within the state of Texas. Very soon thereafter, the company expanded the production platform to other markets outside of Texas, with an emphasis on our mission of combining strong production and quality operations that are compliant in all areas.

The Highlands Residential Mortgage Executive Management team brings an impressive legacy of accomplishment in the mortgage industry. A team possessing many strengths with one mission.  The strong history, together with an outstanding team of originators and operation professionals, positions Highlands Residential Mortgage for a bright future. We are poised for expansion, confident in our ability to identify growth opportunities, and integrate them successfully into our company.

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