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Highlands Gives Back | Highlands Residential Mortgage
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Highlands Hope Foundation

Highlands has created a foundation from which we will do our ministry work. Our goal is to have a long term impact in the individual lives of those who are economically, spiritually, and socially underserved. Highlands Residential Mortgage reinvests into what matters most, people. Highlands partners with only a few non-profit organizations. The key criterion for selecting ministry partners is that a prospective partner must be a non-profit that directly impacts people with sustaining help.

Highlands Hope Fund

The “Highlands Hope Foundation” is funded by Highlands Residential Mortgage, its employees and donations from others. One new initiative is the creation of “Highlands Hope Fund”. We have created the fund to act as a source of financial support to employees and their family members in times of crisis.  This fund will be comprised of employee contributions as well as company contributions. The company and employees can show their support for one another by providing a helping hand.

Highlands Gives Back In South Africa

Highlands provides 100% of the support for the operation of a community center located in a rural village in KwaZulu Natal South Africa. We do this through our partner in South Africa, Genesis Trust. The community center provides for children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic as well as providing jobs, skills training and parenting classes for people living in the community. With Highlands’ support hundreds of children are provided a safe place to play, develop reading skills, learn to play music, a daily meal and learn about Jesus Christ.

Interfaith Family Services

Highlands has embraced Interfaith Family Services as one of its primary charities. Interfaith Housing Coalition is a faith-based agency whose mission is to “be the hands of Christ” helping families transition to self-sufficiency and new hope. Interfaith Housing is the only Dallas agency that exclusively provides transitional housing for working poor families who are experiencing a house crisis. Of the three predominant segments of poor at risk for homelessness (the chronically homeless, subsidized poor, and working poor), the working poor do not require, nor do most desire, long-term subsidized housing.

Interfaith exists to give them the “hands up” they need when a crisis leads to homelessness.

Highlands provides support for four families per year that enter the Home & Hope Transitional Housing Program. In addition, Highlands provides other support including volunteers.

Interfaith’s Home & Transitional Housing Program has provided transitional housing via 49 apartments, self-sufficiency programs such as career counseling and budget mentoring, and children & teen programs for approximately 100 homeless families per year.

Highlands Supports Soup Mobile

Highlands has embraced SoupMobile as one of its primary charities. SoupMobile is a ‘mobile’ soup kitchen that feeds and shelters the homeless in Dallas, Texas. Highlands’ employees first volunteered at the SoupMobile on October 30, 2013 to feed the homeless. In addition, Highlands provides resources to help enable SoupMobile reach its goal which is three simple words spoken by Jesus more than 2,000 years ago: “FEED MY SHEEP.”

Visit SoupMobile’s website.

Highlands and Habitat

Highlands Residential Mortgage is proud to announce our partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Twenty employees from Highlands participated in the construction of a new home located in Dallas Texas.  Through the work of Habitat, thousands of low-income families have found new hope in the form of affordable housing. Churches, community groups and others have joined together to successfully tackle the significant social problem of providing decent housing for all.