If you have been affected by the recent storm and are in need of assistance, please call us at (855) 753-6204.  We have a dedicated team of customer service representatives that are trained in disaster response and can offer guidance and information about your loan.

Fees, Credit Reporting, and Collection Calls 

Borrowers with properties that are confirmed in a disaster zone designated by FEMA or other government agencies will not:

  • be charged late fees
  • be reported to the credit bureaus, or
  • receive collection calls.

Claims and Release of Checks 

  • Call your insurance agent immediately to notify them of the damages, and begin the claim process.  If you need assistance locating contact information for your insurance agent, contact our Servicing Department.
  • If you do not have flood insurance, our customer service representatives can also discuss different options available to you.
  • If the total loss proceeds are greater than $20,000, please call our Servicing Department at (855) 753-6204 to have your claim checks endorsed.
  • Our corporate office in Dallas, TX can endorse claim checks when the total loss proceeds are $20,000 or less, and if the loan is not delinquent.  Please call (469) 402-1200 for instructions on how to have your check endorsed at our corporate office.

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